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What is it?

Eject for Windows is a small application for Mac OS X that removes hidden files in a USB flash drive mounted on your Desktop and eject it.


There are many hidden files in folders on Mac OS X. One of the most is


and this file are created for each folders but the Finder does not display it because it is a hidden file. Many hidden files exist in a volume mounted on Mac OS X but we don't worry about it because it is hidden.

But it will become problem when a file that is created on a Mac is transfered to Windows. For example, imagine that you want to give your files on your Mac to a Windows user using a flash memory storage drive (USB memory). A Windows user will see many unidentified files in your flash storage device. Of course, such files are perfectly useless for a Windows user.

For example, you can see a flash storage on your Mac


A Windows user will see


Eject for Windows is a small Macintosh application to remove such unnecessary files from a flash storage and then unmount the device.

How to use?

Put Eject for Windows on your Desktop or register in your Dock.


Drag and drop a flash storage on it.


Then remove unnecessary files on the device and unmount it (the device icon will disappear). You can take it away physically from USB port on your Mac. That's all.

Eject for Windows will do nothing for other normal files. If you drop a folder or a flash storage formatted other then FAT format, Eject for Windows will ask you to continue or not.

More detail

On your Mac, you can read/write volume with FAT32 format and exFAT format and also can initialize a volume with both formats using Disk Utility. You should use one of these formats for a flash memory storage to transfer or receive files with Windows users. When you insert the device to your USB port of your Mac and you copy files to the device appears on your desktop, There are many hidden files

file name名contentslocation
.DS_Storeinfomation for Findereach folders
file begins with"._"resource forckeach files
.Trashestrash foldertop level of a volume
.Spotlight-V100(or .Spotlight)data for searchingtop level of a volume
.fseventsdhistory information of file systemtop level of a volume

These files are useful for Mac system but useless for Windows. Eject for Windows will remove these files and unmount (eject)the device.

Eject for Windows can treat not only flash memory storage but a device that is

For example, 3.5" floppy disks or external hard disk connected with FireWire.


Eject for Windows can work on Mac OS X10.5 and later with three architecture, PowerPC32, Intel32 and Intel64 universal binary app. Eject for Windows may work on 10.7 lion. Eject for Windows can not work on 10.4 or older, or other OS such as Windows.

Known bugs

Newest version of Eject for Windows is 1.0(20110920a).

Other remarks

Eject for Windows follows GPL.

Bug reports

Please send a bug report to
I'm also grad if you send your expression of the app.

Technical details are discussed in author's blog but sorry in japanese.


Eject for Windows

And here is source files.