Christchurch city where I live has been rebuilt little by little since the earthquakes in 2011.As an artist living in the present, I wish to do something.Now I am working as a mural artist supported by Christchurch City Council.Also,I have art project which connect art works of different cultures and different generations with my art works to represent world peace.                
 October 15 2018

I have been painting in this style, traditional Japanese, for sixteen years. The paint has very different qualities from western style materials. The charm of this amazing sand like paint is in its ability to capture the light and reflect the particles of color. This method of art is time consuming as many layers create a world of complex emotions. It is my great pleasure to bring this high quality Japanese art to Christchurch, New Zealand.

 Each person has their own path. My path is through painting. My hope and my destiny is to cross paths with like minded people throughout my life. I wish to connect with people through my art.
Please fell free to send me your thoughts or opinions.
June 2008 Haruko Furukawa

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