(C) Kanna Higashi & Katsuya Matsumura
Built for the Monthly PC-DIY last issue of May 2004
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Imaging draughts by Miss Kanna Higashi
I asked Miss Kanna for desiging ERN005-PC (KANA).
The name "KANA" was given by generous Miss Kanna,

Disjoining the material (once a bisrto-machine named "Dynabook" of Mr Picard Katayama)
I utilized the bisro-machine "Dynabook".
First, disjoint all parts thoroughy apart.

iRe "Dynabook" made by Mr Picard Katayama, see Monthly PC-DIY Feb.issue 2004).

Making of the frame
First of all I made the frame with vinyl chloride pipes. A bit smaller than the planned scale will do.
Built motherboard stays according to the size of Dynabook MB.
This time I do not use alminum stays as usual.
Integrated MB fixer into the frame with Vinyl chloride pipes.

Modelling of the styrene foam
Stick the styrene foams around the frame.
Hair part has no inside frame. Make dome-like shape by styrene alone.

Modelling of the micro-hollow-globular-resin-clay
Design the hairs etc while surface-modelling with MHGRC.
Disjoint the frame into several parts at a certain stage.
The frame and styrene blocks are bit smaller than the plannd size so that I heaped much clays to make form.

Modelling completed
Finish the clay-surface with sandpapers.
Rather thick clay layers left smooth surface after the sand-paparing. No styrene can be seen.

This time I cannot find my favorite Neo-Color so I used gesso for base.
Painting is done by liquid acryl as usual. Paints over several times for the brightness and gradation.

And forced drying with heat-gun.

Parts Locationing
PC partrs are located at the back and in the hair.
First, set the head. Switches and LEDs are integrated into a single part and located nside the hair.

Operation Confirmation
Confirm the operation.

Completed 1
Approximately 3/4 scale, perhaps. Quite different from the imaging draught. Miss Kanna I pray thee mercy!

Completed Q@(Photos by courtesy of the editors of Monthly PC-DIY)
Seems the editors made a mistake at the photo taking ; they located power-suppoly unit in wrong place. It's due to the lack of communication between they and I, who could not join the party.


CPU VIA C3 1GHz Nehemiah
Power Supply Seventeam ST-150SL

Produced by Katsuya Matsumura (S.A.E.)