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Save freedom of ascii arts!!

Ascii Art Characters

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This website explains about Nomaneko problems.

Now, AAs(ascii arts) are in serious crisis. In worst circumstance, we'll be not able to use AAs freely!

However, by the graces of Mr.Lewry and other many AA fans, there are many people who know AA in not only Japan but also other countries fortunately.

If you are interested in these problems, please, please do action with us.

Booby@News4VIP 2005-09-14


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Sorry for I haven't be able to prepare contents enough still now.
Please wait little more. More contents will be uploaded on finish making.


Mainiti newspaper wrote article about Nomaneko problems.

FYI, community - just for understanding

Home Office for "Noma Neko" problem for foreigners(in 4-ch BBS)

Comprehend "Noma-Neko" case in 5 minutes

Special thanks to

2channel and 2channelers
Especially VIPPERs


A Nanashi-san(means John Doe) who make English page about Nomaneko problems.

348th Nanashi-san of 111th Nomaneko thread in News for V.I.P. board
290th Nanashi-san of 112th Nomaneko thread in News for V.I.P. board
(They donate to us cute ascii art characters' illustration.)

And you. Thank you for your intersts in these problems.

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